About Little Stars

At Little Stars we strive to create engaging, safe and loving environments for all our children. Little Stars has been family run for over 20 years and we continue to push ourselves to provide incredible spaces for your little ones to thrive. We offer state of the art learning facilities; healthy, tasty food and a passionate team that will make your children feel cared for and nurtured. Thanks, Kevin and Sheila x

Through working in close partnership with our children and their families, we strive to provide high quality childcare and education to children aged from birth to five. To the best of our ability the staff at Little Stars will:

Provide a safe, secure environment where children and families feel welcomed, happy and valued.

To provide a high standard of quality childcare and education to meet the holistic needs of each child.

Ensure that children learn through play. Play is fundamental to encourage intellectual development in young children, as well as supporting emotional, social and physical growth.

Ensure a broad, balanced curriculum that challenges our children through well planned earning opportunities, both indoors and out (reflecting on national and local guidelines; Child at the Centre, Pre – Birth to 3, Curriculum for Excellence and GIRFEC).

To prepare our children for responsible citizenship by developing values, beliefs and skills of empathy and understanding, compatible with living in the modern, democratic and multicultural society.

To support each other as a team in furthering our knowledge, understanding and skill development in order to reach our own professional potential (staff appraisals, CPD, evaluations and training).

To encourage each child to reach their full potential: creatively, socially, academically and physically.

Treat our children fairly and justly, recognising and respecting difference.

Be committed to communicating openly, regularly, and effectively with parents and the extended community.

Be responsive to the individual needs of children and families, working in partnership with other agencies.

To provide high quality interactions and a balance of adult /child led experiences that will support our children in becoming successful learners.

To involve parents in all aspects of their child’s development and the running of the nursery.